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About Registry Bingo

How It All Began

The idea for Registry Bingo came about while I was helping to plan my sister's wedding shower. At the time, she was living on the East Coast in Boston and I was living on the West Coast in San Diego. Needless to say, I could not be involved in the intimate details of her shower. I wanted to be involved somehow and started researching fun wedding shower games. I came across all sorts of games such as using a role of toilet paper to make a wedding dress, and asking questions to see how well does one know the bride, and a writing an advice book for her future marriage. I also found a bingo game with gifts the bride may receive. I thought this was a great idea; however, I wanted to make it more engaging for the guests and more personal for my sister.

I decided then to make my own game based on my sister's registry list. I took all the gifts she had registered for and had been purchased and used those as the basis for a bingo game. The guests were able to play the game as she opened her gifts and were extremely interested in what she was opening not only to see her delight, but to cross it off their bingo card!! The first person to win bingo was given a small gift. We ended up playing through to three winners. It was a lot of fun and engaging. When another of my girlfriends was getting married, I made a personalized game for her based on her registry. Again everyone loved playing and I thought if we are having this much fun, then I figured lots of people would be interested in playing. From there I started the journey of developing Registry Bingo and to personalize games for each and every bride, new mom, or really any event that you've made a registry or gift list for!!

My sister and me at my wedding, June 23, 2005
My sister and me at my wedding, June 23rd 2005